Friday, February 17, 2012


Time seems to be flying by so fast. I know all my friends with small toddlers & babies are thinking the same thing. I can't believe Benjamin is almost 9 months old! 
Since the beginning of the year until about the first week of Feb, we have been sick. Not fun. Ben has had RSV and an ear infection ( at the same time), I have had 2 sinus infections and strep, and Matt has also had a sinus infection. It's so hard when you add little people to the circus of passing things like colds around. 
Matt went to Singapore at the end of January for a business trip. So Ben, the dogs and I all packed up & headed to Gigi & Poppa's house. It was kind of a crazy time. We were still on antibiotics (which FYI makes a baby poop brick red shi%t) and not feeling too great. But we did fun stuff like shop with Gigi, eat sushi, I attended a Thunder game, etc...They were so sweet to take us all in when we weren't feeling well. 
Also at the end of Jan. we had Benjamin baptised at the church we've been attending. I hired our neighbor, Shelli Stapleton to do some photography for us. We had some family over before & after and it was such a special day. The love, respect & support that were showed to us makes me 
grateful to have such an awesome family. 
So onto February.....Valentine's Day was awesome. Matt came home at lunch & surprised us! He had Chic-fil-A for lunch, a dozen red roses for Momma & a Valentine balloon for Benjamin! He was so sweet! We just love him!
Dad's birthday is coming at the end of this month....not sure what to get someone who is turning 60! Ideas?? Anyways, Matt maybe going to San Diego for business in March and back to Singapore in April. Yikes!
All this proves why time seems to be flying by so fast! I can't believe in May we'll have a 1 yr old baby! It's sure to be here before we know it!
Oh and yes, I cut my hair supershort. It takes 5 minutes to do and  love it. Below is a picture from Ben's Baptism.....on this day we were all so sick we almost cancelled. However, we pushed through it & I am so glad we did. What a gorgeous day!

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